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1.Pick any of your OCs
2.Have them be drunk as hell.
3.Answer the questions
4. Tag

Tagged by: didn't technically get tagged, but hey, why not? Stole it off :iconstarry-bat:

OC being used: Sherlock(not an oc, but I'm using him!) and Emily(she's too young)

1. Yo. What's your name?
S: the names Sherlock Holmes*hic* 
*rolls eyes* and I'm Emily. Just call him sherly~

2. What are you drinking? Can I have some? :3
S: drinks all round! Ya can't bloody have mine tho-
^^; *holds him up* yeah, I wouldn't, just quietly.

3. Are you even legally allowed to drink at your age?
S: of course I'm bloody allowed, who are you to say I can't??
Calm down sherly! Oy vey..I'm too young, but it don't think I want to drink

4. Do you have any crushes on anyone?
S: that's none of your busine- *falls over*
Christ! Damn it sherly.. In answer to your question, no, I don't 

5. What's their name?
S: no clue*hic*
Again, don't have one

6. I bet you can't tell me your deepest, darkest secret.
S: I bloody can, one time I-*em covers his mouth and tsks at you*
No, don't you dare cheeky.*waggers finger at you*

7. You think you can? Prove it.
*sherlock struggles against em, who whacks him on the head to get him to shut up*

8. Do you realize what you've just said?
Next question please -//-;

9. Your crush is trying to kiss you right now.
S: why is Molly hanging over me with a camera?
Somehow I doubt that*smirks*

10. Just kidding~ <3
S: you bloody wank!
Calm down you ass! He doesn't mean it

11. Do you any mancrushes/girlcrushes?
S: ...*is asleep standing up*
Pfft- I'm so tempted to say john for Sherlock xD

12. Who is Batman's secret identity?
S: who?
Tony stark

13. Who do you think could be God?
Moriaty would love to try, but no one could be god but god
S: there's no go-*gets a pillow thrown in his face*

14. Who is Superman's secret identity?
S: who?
I'm gonna say Thor 

15. What's your secret identity?
S: what?
I'm secretly Loki :3

16. Are you getting hangover yet?
S: *is lying on the floor moaning*
Chances are, yes. Better run, he gets moody.

17. Need some medicine?
Um..nah, let him suffer abit, he shouldn't have gotten so drunk.
S: your such a pain...
And your supposedly a high functioning sociopath, quit complaining

18. Would you feel better if your crush cuddled you while you rested?
S: I don have a- *vomits as em picks him up*
We'd better go..

19. Feel better. It was fun talking to you~
Yeah, thanks for making Sherlock drunk you ass, but hey, it'll be on YouTube 
S: f*ck off...

20. Bye-Bye~
*waves* bye bye
S: get out my house!

people tagged: Eh, whoever wants to

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please feel free to leave any comments on my art, like how I can improve and if you like what I draw ^^
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If you have any questions or need some advice, just ask:)
Please enjoy my gallery! :D

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