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Stole this from:iconrisejackfrost:

✍: For what my muse has written about yours in their diary. 

☎: For voice messages of my muse to you. 

♥: The favorites of my muse- can be anything from music to food combinations, you're allowed to specify what you want. 

∞: A random headcanon about my muse and yours. 

☯: Here, have a hug from my muse. 

☮: An argument I think my muse would have with yours. 

♪: I've put all of my songs on shuffle- now I have to write a drabble involving our muses with the next song that comes on. 

♬: Would you care to dance? My muse has to dance with yours. 

♛: My muse is royalty for a day and you are their loyal subject- wait, what? What would my muse's reaction be to this idea? 

♚: You are my master- hold on. What if my muse was the loyal subject, how would this go? 

✖: Your muse is drowning in the bathtub when mine walks into the bathroom. 

☠: Your muse has died, this is how mine reacts. 

❂: My muse is clumsy and crashes into yours.  

☢: It's too hot outside, how does my muse suggest our muses cool down? 

ϟ: There's a storm going on and our muses are stuck together in a house- how will this go? 

☂: It's pouring down and your muse forgot their umbrella, will my muse offer up theirs?

✧: Our muses went to eat out- where? 

★: The stars are shining beautifully and my muse wants you to see them. 

☾: It's in the middle of the night and my muse had a nightmare about yours- what does my muse do? 

☼: The sun is shining bright and your muse got the bright idea of going out, does my muse agree with this? 

☄: My muse is lost, luckily there is cellphone reception- does my muse dare to call yours for help? 

♤: Our muses are playing a game, which kind and who is winning? 

☻: Your muse got sunburnt, my muse didn't- how'd it happen and how'll mine help? 

♒: Our muses are at the beach together, by accident or not, and yours was a bit too close to the waves- will my muse laugh or perhaps be helpful? 

♦: Your muse asked mine to marry them, what's my muse's reaction? 

◊: Your muse comes to mine, crying, how does my muse react? 

✘: Scars aren't very pretty- my muse has to show you theirs. 

✦: My muse was attacked but yours saved them- how'll my muse ever thank them?

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  • Listening to: Music/ my science teacher
  • Reading: Dragonkeeper


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Artist | Student | Other
thanx for visiting my page! As you can guess I love the japanease style of anime and manga! <3
i've been drawing Manga for nearly 3 years now and i love it! I also love to write and I'm currently trying realistic art! Love to film stuff and I want to make a short film that will entertain and inspire all! I also love to act and sing and dance!(badly mind you...)
please feel free to leave any comments on my art, like how I can improve and if you like what I draw ^^
I also have a YouTube, but my vids aren't that great.…
If you have any questions or need some advice, just ask:)
Please enjoy my gallery! :D

Credit for my awesome id(it's just so freakin cute!!!) :iconambiguousouroboros:

[Put this on your page if you role-play]

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Np, Your lil pic of the prof and Luke made me laugh so much xd 
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Haha yayy I'm glad you liked it haha :D
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Oh my god I just realized I predicted our couple RP with this drawing as well as their wedding dance :D…
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Haha, maybe, I think the dress will be different though^^
Zetaomega2 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe lol
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