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Dmmd- thug by xiximagicramen
Dmmd- thug
Story continue:She had wandered off following the blimp in the sky, not at all looking where she was going. She bumped into something, falling backwards. The man looked down at her, glaring at her. She looked up at him, frightened. "Well? Aren't you even going to apologise?" He threatened, tugging her up by the scruff of her dress. She whimpered, turning her head away from him. "Dude, maybe she can't talk." Said one of the guys behind him."oh really now?" He smiled a sickly grin, turning back to her. She squirmed, pushing at his wrist. He pushed her against the wall, lifting her skirt slightly. "Well, let's have some fun then." He purred, with another member coming closer as well. She struggled, pushing the men away, only to have them both on her again within seconds."c-clear..." She whispered, barely loud enough to hear, tears springing to her eyes."Hey, you guys shouldn't be in our territory." A young man with ginger hair said from the end of the ally, stopping the men in their tracks. "What do you mean? This is bug bomb territory-""wrong." The man said, walking straight up to the guy and punching him square in the face. She slid to the ground. His companions helped him up."dude, that's noiz! From ruff rabbits! We'd better run!" The trio sprinted away, not even looking back. Noiz knelt beside her. "You ok?" She nodded, standing. "You shouldn't get involved with guys like that, it's dangerous." He continued. She shyly took his hand and nodded again. "Is that your way of saying thanks?" He watched her, confused. She nodded yet again, letting go of his hand. She looked toward both ends of the ally, frowning. "Your not lost are you?" Noiz asked. She turned to him, nodding. He sighed, and got up his computer screen. "Well, what's your name? Maybe I can help you find someone." She took his arm, selecting a note to pop up. She typed in a message to him.'I don't have a name,' to which he turned and looked at her. He rubbed his temple. This was going to be annoying...that is, he thought it would be, until a man with white hair dropped from above them. She yelped, but then helped the man up."you called me! I'm so sorry, I lost you!" Clear said, overjoyed that he'd found her. "Clear, make sure you keep a closer watch on her. She was with a gang of bug bomb thugs when I found her." Noiz huffed, shutting his screen. Clear turned to him."I know, I'm sorry. Thank you for finding her for master noiz." He smiled at the ginger, who turned and walked back the way he had come."make sure you give her a name soon too. She'll be easier to find that way. See ya." 
Dmmd change of look by xiximagicramen
Dmmd change of look
Story continue:When she came back out, aoba smiled in her direction. "Well, she looks even more adorable now." Kojaku smiles, and clear clapped his hands. "Cutie!" She blushed, shaking her head. "Come on you, I've made something simpler for you, your stomach should be alright with it." As she sat, Tae placed a bowel of rice in front of her. The serious conversation continued."aoba, you know how ruthless the police can get. If this is like the event with sei, we're in trouble until we know what's going on.""I know kojaku, but they can't do any more experiments if they're subject has escaped. Besides, we don't know their objective, it's not like last time." The meal was soon finished, however the conversation continued." If they're after her, then it means that she should be able to do or control something, isn't that right Tae?" Kojaku asked her. Tae shrugged." I was only involved in the brain department, but there were only three projects we were researching. There was brain, time and chemical matter. It wasn't easy stuff, so we all stuck to our own department. If she's a subject, then she's probably got something to do with the other departments." She listened to their conversation curiously. "Well, I have to get to work, I'll see you guys later." Aoba stood to grab his coat. She stood as well, following him to the door and clinging to his arm. He looked at her and smiled, patting her head."I can't take you with me, I'm sorry." She frowned, still not letting go."Clear, come here for a moment." Aoba called. The white haired man walked out happily."yes aoba?" "Would you watch over her today? She doesn't want to be left alone." Clear nodded, aoba took her hand and placed it onto clear's. She blushed, stepping back."I'll take care of her aoba." Clear said cheerily, waving goodbye. Kojaku followed aoba out."thanks for the meal Tae, it was delicious as always." He called back in. Tae looked poked her head out of the kitchen."are you two going out as well? I have some work to do, so I won't be home when you get back." Clear grinned and gave her hand a gentle squeeze."that's ok, we'll find aoba later. Thank you Tae. Shall we go out and explore?" She looked up at clear, confused. He smiled, tugging her outside with him. The day was bright, the sky a rich blue.
 She looked in wonder at all the buildings surrounding her, while clear guided her through the streets."yeah, that was my first reaction to the city too. Where would you like to go?" He asked her, and she pointed to her left.  Clear followed her as she  walked from side to side of the streets, looking at anything and everything. She looked up into the sky to see a blimp, and got excited, tugging on clears hand.
Clear smiled, but got distracted as he saw some men coming toward them. They were in all black. Clear turned to take her somewhere safe- when he saw that she had disappeared. 'Oh no, what's master going to do if he finds out I lost her??' 
Dmmd shy by xiximagicramen
Dmmd shy
Story continue:The next morning, Tae was up before anyone. She was preparing some more plain food for her guest, as well as some extra food. Kojaku was going to visit today, she just had a feeling that he would. Aoba  stepped downstairs, smiling when he saw she was still asleep. "Hey grams, why are you up so early?" Aoba got out some cutlery, placing it on the table. "I just am. Go check on her will you? It's time she was up." Aoba walked to the couch, shaking her shoulder gently. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, looking up at him sleepily."time to get up." He smiled as she sat up. He began toward the kitchen, when he was tugged back. He looked at her curiously. She opened her mouth slightly."a-aoba?" He grinned."yes?" She smiled excitedly. "Aoba!" She repeated, jumping up. A crash was heard outside, aoba looked to the door surprised. He went to the front door, looking out at the crumpled heap on the ground. He sighed"are you alright clear?" The white haired man looked at at him. "Absolutely fine aoba, good to see you!" He smiles, and rose, picking up his umbrella. "Come on In, grams is making breakfast.""aoba!" Kojaku waved, walking up to the door."kojaku, right on time for breakfast." Aoba grinned. The three men walked inside."grams, clear and kojaku are here." He looked around for the young girl, to feel her clinging to his arm again. He looked down, she was hiding behind him. "Who's this cutie?"kojaku asked, leaning down to look at her, smiling. She stepped back, hiding."she uh..she doesn't really talk. We found her last night, running from some men." Kojaku looked at him seriously."last night? Aoba, last night there was a panic with the police. There was a group of men in black starting fights, claiming to be looking for someone." Clear nodded."I heard the ruckus when walking around. Maybe they were looking for her.." Tae walked I to the room."well, your all talking so seriously this morning. Come on you, let's get you something to change into." She took tae's outstretched hand, following her into the other room."now, don't be afraid of them dear, they're friends." She handed the girl a dress to change Into. "G-grams," she smiled at Tae, who look at her in mild surprise, before smiling and walking out to let her change.
Tagged by :iconhuskyyt:
Top 10 Movies (In no order)!

1. All Harry potter movies((all of them, I don't even care!))

2. Big fish(Tim burton) 

3. Whisper of the heart/the cat returns(can't choose between the two!))        

4. Star Trek into darkness

5. Nightmare before christmas

6. The help to train your dragon(both of them))

8. Day of the crows(French movie))

9. Pirates of the carribean


Top 5 Bands & Favourite Songs of Theirs to Listen To!((I choose random songs))

1. Fall out boy- my songs know what you did in The dark 

2. Draw with me song(I dunno the name!)- utada hikaru

3. Watercolour-pendulum 

4. Your call- the secondhand serenade

5. Eminem-not afraid

------haven't done

Top 5 Fast Food Venues & What to Get There! ((I don't really go out much))

1. KFC - Chicken burger(I don't remember which))

2. Pizza bar- spaghetti bolognaise 

3. Nandos - Original wrap

4. McDonalds - Cheeseburger

5.  Subway- whatever I feel like

Top 5 Drinks/Beverages!

1. Chocolate soy milk/hot chocolate

2. Solo

3. Fanta

4. Apple cider

5. Pineapple juice

Top 5 Favourite Animals!

1. Turtle

2. Tiger

3. PUGS!!!

4. Crocodiles

5. Deer

Top 5 Favourite TV Shows & Characters in Them!

1. Avatar the last air bender-katara and toph

2. Sherlock-Sherlock

3. Once upon a time- Snow White

4. Grimm- I dunno

5. Negima?!- Asuna and Nodoka

Top 10 Favourite Video Games!

1. Kingdom hearts(all)

2. Professor layton(all)

3. Fire emblem-the awakening

4. Tombraider

5. Contrast

6. Amnesia the dark decent 

7. Arthur and the invisibles 

8. The Stanley parable

9. Legend of Zelda twilight princess

10. Portal

I tag  :iconstarry-bat1: to do this, go my minion! Also, not all my favs are on here, just those I remember


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Artist | Student | Other
thanx for visiting my page! As you can guess I love the japanease style of anime and manga! <3
i've been drawing Manga for nearly 4 years now and i love it! I also love to write and I'm currently trying realistic art and photography! Love to film stuff and I want to make a short film that will entertain and inspire all! I also love to act and sing and dance!(badly mind you...)
please feel free to leave any comments on my art, like how I can improve and if you like what I draw ^^
I also have a YouTube, but my vids aren't that great.…
I also have a wattpad where if post stories under the username: xiximagicramen
If you have any questions or need some advice, just ask:)
Please enjoy my gallery! :D

Credit for my awesome id(it's just so freakin cute!!!) :iconambiguousouroboros:

[Put this on your page if you role-play]

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