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Halloween doll, lost and forgotten by xiximagicramen
Halloween doll, lost and forgotten
Yeah, the last of my three Halloween pics. This one is a little sadder cus the doll has been forgotten. My inspiration was Sally from nightmare before Christmas, and hopefully I can upload a tutorial I've done, depending if I've got all the footage^^;
Halloween costume sleeping doll by xiximagicramen
Halloween costume sleeping doll
It's finally done! I have had this idea in my head for ages and now my costume is looking pretty good. A few adjustments will be made, but this is it for now" this is the doll that has been left on the shelf while her little girl has gone to school. Two more pics coming.
Mask of truth by xiximagicramen
Mask of truth
Quote from the fith estate movie, by the character of Julian asange ( I think that's how you spell it) I dunno why, but his quote has stuck with me ever since I saw the movie. IT just seems so...surreal? I dunno, but it's stuck with me.
Cave of the two lovers prt 16 by xiximagicramen
Cave of the two lovers prt 16
Ok, here's the next part, and as requested, I'll put in the conversation between the two" I would've put it in drawing form, but I haven't had much tiny, due to school and stuff.
convo :
boy : so right now I'm  16, going to a very strict school  in the fire nation, but I learned to express myself because I was invited to a dance party. I found out later that the kid who hosted it might've been the avatar. I was inspired, and decided rebel from my super strict parents, coming to the earth kingdom. And that's why I'm here, I just got kinda seperated from the group I was with.
Girl : wow, that sounds really brave. So what do you think about this war?
b : honestly? Now that I know more about the world and how the fire nation treat it, I hate it. But I do love my Nation. What about you?
g : I just want it to be's been going on for far too long. 
B : so how about you tell me about you?
g: heh, cus I'm not nearly as interesting as you. But I guess I was inspired by the avatar as well. When he came to out tribe, he brought with him a girl who is my hero. She stood up to our customs, and then the girl water benders were allowed to learn how to fight! It was awesome! I'm. 16 too, and I left to try and find my aunt who lives in the earth kingdom.
so what was life like back in the fire nation?
 B: very strict, and kinda boring
g : I know the feeling...
(insert more convo here)
Time to invent a tag!

Let's call this the songs tag! Post this in a journal and tag three other people.
I'll give you guys ... To answer, based on your music playlist, everyone's tag should be different. I myself am going to do this tag too.
I tag :iconhuskyyt: , :iconripecookieface: and :icondeltagiac: 

In order to do the tag, just copy "this is the song tag, I was tagged by ____. I tag:

Ok, question time!

What song do you think best describes yourself?

What song do you think best describes the person who tagged you?

What song describes your best friend/s?

If you were/are in a relationship, what do you want your song to be?

What song do you think describes your arch nemesis?

What song describes your family?

What song describes your best moment?

What song describes your worst moment?

What song inspires you the most?

What song describes your life?

What song best describes the person you love/have a crush on?

Those were my questions for you guys^^ your free to use is tag in any of your journals! have fun guys~

My answers:
1. See who I am (not sure of the artist)
2. I made the tag, so...none?
3. He is we, all about us by owl city (there's more, but that's the best one)
4. Rule the world by take that
5. Brand new day (again, I dunno the artist)
6. People help the people by birdy or happy little pill by Troyes Sivan 
7. Defying gravity from wicked
8. Stand in the rain by superchick
9. It differs, but probably  superhero by Simon Curtis
10.what does the fox say by ylvis
11.thinking of you (I dunno who by again)
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xiximagicramen's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
thanx for visiting my page! As you can guess I love the japanease style of anime and manga! <3
i've been drawing Manga for nearly 3 years now and i love it! I also love to write and I'm currently trying realistic art! Love to film stuff and I want to make a short film that will entertain and inspire all! I also love to act and sing and dance!(badly mind you...)
please feel free to leave any comments on my art, like how I can improve and if you like what I draw ^^
I also have a YouTube, but my vids aren't that great.…
If you have any questions or need some advice, just ask:)
Please enjoy my gallery! :D

Credit for my awesome id(it's just so freakin cute!!!) :iconambiguousouroboros:

[Put this on your page if you role-play]

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